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Younger Kara used to wonder why my mom got up so early to get ready to go to work.  I used to watch her in her Conair mirror, with her Avon and Revlon makeup or I’d see her watching tv and painting her nails.  To me she was beautiful with or without the extras.  Fast forward 25 or so years later, here I am just like my mom but to a whole other level.  From tomboy to full blown makeup addict!!!

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I found my love for makeup and all things beauty later on in life.  Yeah of course I used to go to the beauty supply store and my lip gloss was poppin’.  Yes, there were the days when I swore by that sticky behind MAC alipglass to the point where my hair would stick to it LOL but nobody could tell me nothing.

Then in 2012 I REALLY found the beauty videos on YouTube while I was out on maternity leave.  I was actually looking for a way to treat a section of hair that had broke off in the middle of my head. The first sista I saw was makeupD0LL; she had everything about hair and makeup.  Then I went out to find other beauties like PrettyGyrlAngie, thomasadrianna, ulovemegz and KISSseventyseven; I was HOOKED!!!
Fast forward not even 2 years later, here I am; little old me with my own channel and now my blog.  With the knowledge that I absorbed from the YT, along with reading books like Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces or the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, I feel I can offer beginners like myself a look into this world as a newbie.  I also ended up going to the Robert Jones Online Beauty Academy to become a certified freelance makeup artist.
Everybody starts from somewhere, I can look at a picture that was taken last year and see so much improvement in my techniques and it’s exciting to see the growth.  So I welcome you to grow with me and watch my journey into my world of beauty, I hope you enjoy your stay.
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