Hello! Thank you for your interest in Kay’s Ways. Kay’s Ways started off as a YouTube beauty vlog channel. Known across various social media outlets, Kay’s Ways has evolved into a digital influencer and resource for all things beauty. Kara just loves to share her passion and experiences to inspire other beauty lovers and moms with various aspects of lifestyle, from haircare, skincare, makeup, entertainment & everything in between.


Kara loves her family of 5 more than anything. She’s a loving mom to 2 boys and a girl. As they do in her YouTube videos, the kids will also make some guest appearances on the blog as well.

The next love in her life would be her passion for everything beauty related. Kara began becoming a certified makeup artist. What she realized was that she loved sharing the wealth of information that she learned, various tips and tricks from reading books and videos. Kara loves trying new products and sharing her thoughts and experience on it whether it’s products for her healthy hair journey, fashion or beauty. She loves to interact with what she calls her digital family and keep them informed and entertained.