Monthly Archives : February 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek

Ok so I’m kind of late to the ColourPop club.  This company took over YouTube and Instagram sometime last year with a wide variety of lip products (pencils and lippie stix as they call them) that were only $5 each.  By enlisting some of our favorite makeup artists and IG beauties to promote and have products named after them, what…

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Mind Right Monday

Ok y’all so it’s been a few weeks since my first Mind Right Monday.  Since we’ve moved into the next month of the year I thought I’d come in and update you guys on my progress through the year so far. Now we all know procrastination sometimes gets the better of me so that’s why I’m here right now at my…

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I Been Shoppin’ – The Haul of All Hauls

Hey beauties. I usually don’t post hauls over here on the blog but in my Drunk in Love melody, I been shoppin’, I been shoppin’. With birthday’s and holidays occurring at the end of year my makeup shopping had to come in second place. Anything as long as the kids are happy right? Well now it’s my turn. Sharing is…

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