12 Reasons You Should Shop at Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty is the place to be for all beauty lovers.  You get the best of both worlds with drugstore makeup and prestige cosmetic brands as well.  At Ulta Beauty you can make the haul of hauls when you can bring home Covergirl, Maybelline, Loreal, Urban Decay, Stila, Tarte, Too Faced, Clarisonic and so so much more in one (or several) trip(s)!

Ulta also carries their own line of cosmetics at a great price so there’s literally something for every budget at Ulta Beauty.   Grab you favorite fragrance, hair products or tools and of course boucou makeup.  Ulta even sells MAC Cosmetics now!


Ulta Beauty continues to grow by exclusively selling newer brands to the US like Bronx Colors, Makeup Revolution and Model’s Own.  They even sell bh Cosmetics products in stores now and that was a brand that was only available via online shopping from their direct website.

I’ve done so many Ulta Beauty hauls lately over on the Kay’s Ways YouTube channel but I’m today I’m gonna show you why I keep going back!  Here’s 12 Reasons Why You Should be Shopping at Ulta Beauty.


Ulta Beauty Platinum Program

  • Spend $450 in a calendar year to become Platinum
  • Platinum members earn points faster.  Get 1.25 points per $1 spent which is more than the Ultamate Rewards members.
  • Points Don’t Expire when you’re Platinum.  It happened to me last year before I became Platinum and I was devastated.  I lost a cool $20 that could’ve been a lipstick, a highlighter, shoot something for FREE
  • Exclusive Email Offers:  Platinum Perks usually gives exclusive first dibs on new releases (like how I scored in my latest haul with the new Too Faced Hangover Spray!). You also get random coupons and deals; like the highly anticipated 20% off coupon.  .

Ulta Rewards

Sign up for Ultamate Rewards, it’s FREE!

Points = Money

Even if you’re not a Platinum member you still get to take advantage of the Ultamate Rewards Program.  Those points I mentioned earlier earn you cash!  I’ve seen hauls where people bought tons of stuff without paying out of pocket just from racking up and saving their points.  I don’t have that kind of patience, for me it’s like having a big old coupon to take some money off of every order.


June 2017 Ulta Bonus Rewards

Point Multipliers

Check your emails and Ultamate Rewards Bonus Offers that give you point multipliers if you shop certain brands.  The perfect way rack up points from your favorite brands like Tarte, Mario Badescu & more!

Monthly Sale Ads

Remember when you loved to look through the sales catalogs that came in the mail?  With everything being so digital these days I LOVE the fact that Ulta still sends out sale catalogs.  You get to see all the details up close and personal like the sale dates, prices, upcoming releases and BOGO deals.  As a mom of 3 that’s a pretty relaxing thing I gotta tell you.

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty 2017 PUR Cosmetics

21 Days of Beauty

Every Spring and Fall Ulta Beauty offers the 21 Days of Beauty specials.  Here’s how it works, there’s a daily calendar where you get to shop 2 to 4 items at a huge discount.  I’m talking up to 50% off discount.  This is the perfect time to rack up on your most used holy grails items like facial sprays, brow products, primers, skincare and more!




Ulta Beauty Gorgeous Hair Event

Save up to 50% off your favorite shampoos, conditioners, stylers and even hot tools.  Similar to the 21 days of beauty sale, Ulta Beauty offers special deals on 2-4 hair items daily where you can stock up on your favorite!  There’s also a skin care event similar which happens right after the new year.

In Store Beauty Services

The Salon at Ulta Beauty

You can get your hair done at Ulta!  From blow outs to highlights the hair stylists can get you together.  They do hair extensions and everything.

dermalogica Skin Bar

Ulta skin experts give facials and other skin treatments to get your skin looking its best

Benefit Brow Bar

Not only does Ulta Beauty carry Benefit’s amazing brow products but they also offer brow grooming services like waxing and tinting!  There’s also lash services and  makeup artist available for application.

*Check your local Ulta store to see if they offer these services at their location or book your appointment online

 Buxom Full On Lip Glosses - 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta

Gifts With Purchase

There’s always extra freebies available from various brands when you spend x amount of money on their products.  For example, in this haul Ulta had a promotion for Buxom Lip Glosses on sale during the 21 days of beauty for half off AND I got the cutest cosmetics bag from Buxom to go along with it!


Happy Birthday to You

That’s right!  Ulta also gives it’s members treats for your birthday too.  Get $10 coupon, double points AND a free gift during your birthday month.  You must be signed up via email to get these deals.

There’s an app for that

Download the Ulta Beauty app to have instant access to all the new releases and latest promotions right in the palm of your hand.  In store?  They’ll scan your coupon or Rewards member card right from your phone!


They’re on Ebates

If all those savings and bonuses weren’t enough, Ulta Beauty also participates with Ebates.  If you love shopping online you MUST sign up to Ebates.  You get a percetage of your total shopping trip in cash back via check or Paypal.  Find out more about Ebates here.

They take manufacturer’s coupons

Grab your Sunday papers and head over to Ulta Beauty to save on your favorite brands!  Save on your favorite brands like Covergirl, Loreal and more.

Some good stuff right?! Do you shop at Ulta Beauty?  After reading this don’t you think you should?!


Be sure to check out the Kay’s Ways channel to see the latest haul that just went up this week and as always

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  • Sydney

    I’m so in love with Ulta! Thank you for helping me understand they’re points = Money.

  • Shaunte

    I like Ulta, I definitely don’t shop there as much as Sephora, but I have used the benefit beauty bar for lashes, which I highly recommend.

  • Elise Anderson

    I love Ulta! Very affordable and I love the salon services! Great post for people not familiar

  • Shauna Frampton

    I love Ulta! It’s unfortunate we don’t have one in Canada (yet) but everytime I cross the border, its one of the first places I visit 🙂 These are great tips!

  • Tomiko Harvey

    I use to go to Ulta all of the time but their prices have gone up drastically over the last 2 years so I don’t go anymore. I love them but their products have just gotten to expensive

  • TheHautemommie

    I’m definitely hip to the Ulta points! I will say I don’t shop here for makeup as often as I do Sephora but for body washes and hair care it’s a go to. Great post girlie!

  • Girl! I love Ulta even without these benefits. They just have most of what I’m looking for. But the birthday freebie is always on point.

  • Carissa

    I absolutely love Ulta…and now that I live 5 minutes from one it’s deadly! My husband gives me the side-eye when I say that I am going to Ulta because he knows I’m not going for one thing LOL!

  • Evelyn Reese

    I have never shopped or tried Ulta products. I guest I will have to give them a try in the near future. We have a store here in our Mall.

  • LeShelle Smith

    I may buy make up every three months, Ulta maybe once a year.

  • EG Green

    I love the gifs you use in this post! I rarely visit Ulta stores nowadays, but they used to be my got-to for cologne back in the day.

  • KoKoa Magazine

    They have Ulta near me but I’ve never been. I do need some new skin care products and a little bit of makeup so I will stop in.

  • An Ulta was just opened near me. I will have to stop in a visit if I can get my husband to occupy our children while I take an hour for myself.

  • I hardly go to Ulta, I think I’ve only been once to get s gift card. I need to get on board. I didn’t know they also sold hair products and such.

  • everythingcurvyandchic

    ulta will always be my goto beauty spot, great post

  • ShaBree Henry

    I really haven’t shopped at Ulta. Looks like I need to get with it huh!

  • Outdoorsy Diva

    Love Ulta and their reward program.


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